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We are a community of passionate music educators and music enthusiasts dedicated to promoting excellence in music education across Malaysia. Through our advocacy efforts and activities, we aim to inspire an appreciation for the value of music and elevate the standard of music education in our country.


The goals of MAME are to champion the importance of music education in Malaysia, to contribute to the development of music teaching & learning as well as research & publication activities in Malaysia, to enhance the professionalism of Malaysian music educators, and to encourage the appreciation of music and music education among all levels of Malaysian society.


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Associate Professor Dr. Ramona Mohd. Tahir received her Ph.D from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois under the supervision of Bennett Reimer.  Her current portfolio includes board member of the Asia Pacific Symposium for Music Education Research (APSMER); president of the Malaysian Association for Music Education (MAME); executive committee member of Music Malaysia (Gabungan Persatuan Industri Muzik Malaysia) and the Southeast Asia Directors of Music (SEADOM) association; and Yamaha Higher Grade Examiner.  She has organized numerous public concerts, workshops, and seminars including the GLOMUS2015 and APSMER2017 conferences. In 2006 she was chair of the Conference Organizing Group of the 27th International Society for Music Education World Conference in Kuala Lumpur – to date, the only ISME world conference held in South East Asia.  She has presented keynote, plenary, and papers as well as served as a panelist at music and music education conferences in Russia, Mozambique, Australia, China, Thailand, Tanzania, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, and Malaysia.  Ramona has significant experiences as an academic administrator, having served in positions such as head of department, programme coordinator, coordinator of international relations, deputy dean (academic) and Dean of Universiti Teknologi MARA’s (UiTM) Faculty of Music from 2012 till 2017.  She is currently attached to the Department of Music Education & Music Business at UiTM’s College of Creative Arts.  Among the courses she teaches at the university are Music Education in Malaysia, Music Management and Supervision, Music Theory as well as History and Philosophy of Music Education.

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Susanna Saw is an active music educator promoting music and choral education in Malaysia. She is currently a lecturer and choir director at the Faculty of Music at the University of Malaya and the Malaysian Institute of Art. In 2007, she established the Young Choral Academy in Kuala Lumpur, a venue for choral lovers and teachers to learn more about vocal and choral education.  Susanna has been regularly invited to be a member of the Jury for various international choir festivals. She is also an active Working Committee member of the Asia-Pacific Choral Council, under the auspices of the International Federation of Choral Music (IFCM). She is one of the Board Members on the Advisory Board of CHORALSPACE Academy, as well as a Board Member at the International Choral Conductors Federation. She is currently the Vice-President of the International Kodály Society and the Malaysian Association for Music Education.

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Josephine currently holds a lecturer position in UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur, where she teaches Aural Skills and Introduction to Kodály Method to degree students. Besides teaching in the university, Josephine has been invited to conduct professional development trainings in Musicianship Training and Music Education in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia. Some of the workshops include Teacher Training Workshop in Bandung and Musicianship Training at the Kodály National Conference in Perth, the 24th International Kodály Symposium and Bandung Choral Camp. Between years 2020 to 2022, Josephine continued to conduct Musicianship Training workshops virtually for various events organised in different countries. These include Choir Lab 2 (Malaysia), Bandung Online Choral School (Indonesia), Virtual Summer Music Camp (Sri Lanka) and Early Childhood Kodaly Certificate (Vietnam). She was one of the instructors for Online Training Programme for MICSS Music Teachers organised by the Teachers’ Education Department, Dong Zong (2021 & 2022). Josephine was also invited to present 5-day training on various topics according to the Chinese Elementary School textbooks in the online China Kodaly Symposium.

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Grace Wee is a principal in one of the kindergarten in W.P. Kuala Lumpur.  She graduated from The Specialist Teachers Training Institute (STTI), Kuala Lumpur in Bachelor of Music Education. She took her Grade 5 organ during her secondary school days. She also plays the traditional instruments such as angklung, gamelan, caklempong and peti harmonium to name a few. She was also the coach for music education primary school teachers in Johor state previously. With many years of experiences in music, she hopes to be able to bring music education into its glorious glory within the community she works with.

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Yeow Su En is a senior assistant in SJKC Yu Hwa, Melaka. She graduated from The Specialist Teachers Training Institute (STTI), Kuala Lumpur in Bachelor of Teachership majoring in Music Education. She has been teaching music education in primary schools from Year 1 to Year 6 in Johor Bahru and then Melaka since graduated in 2010. She has been a trainer for her school choir competition and they have been participating in the state choir competition. She took her Grade 8 in both Piano and Theory from ABRSM with distinction. She is one of the editors for MAME Bulletin from 2019-2023.

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Graduated from UiTM with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition, Muhamad Amirul Bin Abdul Hamid has experience in music-making projects, and one of them is his arrangement of Ewa Bule performed by local choirs in Italy, Spain, Austria, and the Netherlands. Other projects are the theatrical play Dhendham Tresno 2018 as a music director, submitted compositions to the Malaysian Composer Concert Series KLPAC and KLSCAH Patriotic Song Composition Competition, and currently arranged SATB music for two schools for a choir competition organized by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, in 2023.   Although he has a music composition background, Amirul is passionate about sharing his love of music by educating young minds. He is currently a music teacher in Tunas Kijang, Kuala Lumpur, teaching children aged 3 to 6. Every year in Tunas Kijang, he is responsible for coordinating music performances for graduation and year-end concerts. He is also active in coaching a wind ensemble in one of the residential secondary schools in Sungai Gadut, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. He also works as a freelancer, teaching children basic keyboard skills and arranging music for schools in Malaysia.

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Yew Zhi Yong is the head of the music department at SJK(C) Tiong Hua Kok Bin in Klang and is the Selangor state main music education trainer for the Klang district. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Music Education with honors from the Teacher's Training Institute of Malaysia. He has also completed Primary Level 1 of the Australian Kodály Certificate. Additionally, he actively gives talks and workshops on music education. He holds positions as a board member of the Children's Literature Association of Malaysia, a professional committee member for music education of the International Chinese Art Education Association, and is a co-founder of the non-profit learning platform Faqing Academy. His passion lies in the intersection of children's literature and music, and he was a flutist with the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.


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