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The Malaysian Association for Music Education (MAME) is a society registered with the Department of Registration of Societies Malaysia with the registration number of PPM-014-10-24082016. This is a second registration for MAME after its first in 2002. Members of MAME comprise of music educators at the school and higher learning institutions from both the public and private sectors. MAME was initiated to protect the interests and welfare of music education in Malaysia and to unite music educators under an organized body. The goals of MAME are (1) to increase public awareness on the importance of music education for producing a musically-literate Malaysia; (2) to champion and ennoble music education in Malaysia; (3) to improve the quality of music curriculum, teaching, learning, assessment, research and publications in Malaysia; (4) to enhance professionalism of Malaysian music educators; and (5) to encourage music and music education appreciation among all levels of Malaysian society.

Committee Members

Prof. Madya Dr. Ramona binti Mohd. Tahir  (President)                                             
Puan Susanna Saw  (Deputy President)                                                                      
YM Raja Nadiah binti Raja Zaharuddin Shah  (Secretary)
Dr Salasiah Abbas (Deputy Secretary)       
Dr. Lim Zek Chew  (Treasurer)                                                                                      
Dr. Wong Huey Yi @ Colleen Wong (Committee Members)                                                       
Stefanus Lucas (Committee Members)
Dr Nadia Madzni (Auditor)
Lim Li Wen (Auditor)


MAME Committee
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